Residents of The Jungle

A list of all my plants based on what room they’re in.  Pictures will be added as will new plants as they’re added.  This list represents only the plants I was able to bring with me when I moved and does not represent the 30-40 plants I had to leave at my parents house.  (this is still a rough draft, spelling errors and the like will be corrected soon!) Last Edit:  2/10/2013

Bedroom #1

Codonanthe speciosa Care Sheet and pictures

Dasylirion wheeleriDesert Spoon (What ever that means…)

Amorphophallus konjac – Konjac

Epiphyllum – Red Orchid Cactus

Columnea ‘Light Prince’ Flower        Care Sheet

Iochroma cyaneum ‘Purple Queen’Purple Dwarf Brugmansia More Pictures: 1

Bowiea volubilis – Climbing Onion (Just coming out of dormancy) Flowers

Philodendron scandens ‘Mediopictum’

Epiprimnum aureum – Golden Pothos

Brassavola cv  Care Sheet (And a picture!)

Carnegiea gigantea – Saguaro Cactus

Dioscorea elephantipes

Billbergia ‘Foster’s Striate’ – Varigated Billbergia

Hippeastrum reticulatum var. striatifolium

Bedroom 2:

Philodendron cv.  – Climbing Large Leafed Philodendron


Chlorophytum ‘Mandarin’ (Or what ever we’re calling it these days)

Dracaena draco

Hippeastrum cv – Mini red and white (similar to Gilmar but half the size)

Cupressus ‘Wilma’

Citrus hystrix

Dendrobium aggregatum var. majus

Jatropha cathartica


Assorted cuttings of a lot of houseplants

Sinningia leucotricha – Hairy Sinningia (Coming out of dormancy)

Saintpaulia ionantha cv.

Sanseveria sp. – No idea who this is but the leaves get to about 5′ tall on a mature specimen.  I know it’s not S. grandis because the leaves are tubular, not flat.

Living Room:

Ficus elastica

Philodendron ‘Lemon Lime’

Chlorophytum comosum – Spiderplant (Yes I was watching Star Wars when I took this picture.  I’m just that cool)

Tetrastigma voinierianum – Chestnut Vine   Care Sheet

Ficus altissima – Council Tree Ficus  More Pictures: 1

Aloe vera – Medicinal Aloe

Sansevieria sp.  – Some sort of tubular leaved snake plant, not cylindrica but I’m not sure which it really is

Echinopsis chamaecereus (Probably not straight species) – Purplish-red flowered peanut cactus

Hibiscus tiliiaceus ‘Tricolor’Tricolor Linden Leaved Hibiscus  Care Sheet

Clerodendrum thomsoniae – Southern Bleeding Heart

Nerium oleander – Oleander

Pepperomia verticilataHairy Pepperomia

Cereus sp. ‘Monstrose’ – Monstrose Columnuar Cactus

Dorstenia foetida

Schlumbergera truncata NOID Yellow – Thanksgiving Cactus

Albuca spirilis – Spiral leaved Albuca (Going Dormant)

Albuca ‘Augrabies Hill (Going Dormant)

Elettaria cardamomum – Cardamom Ginger

Alpinia galanga – Galangal Ginger

Agave truncata 

Chrysophyllum cainito – Star Apple

Schlumbergera x buckleyi – Christmas Cactus

Synadenium grantiiRed Synadenium

Ruttya fruiticosa – Hummingbird Plant

Hippeastrum ‘Red Lion’

Hippeastrum ‘Lady Jane’

Hippeastrum ‘NOID White’

Hippeastrum ‘Gilmar’

Pinus plasticus ssp ChristmasianaFake Christmas Trees

Scindapus pictus – Satin Pothos

Parthenocissus strictaMiniature Virginia Creeper

Hippeastrum ‘Neon Rose’  – Miniature Amaryllis

Hippeastrum ‘Red Pearl’ – Amaryllis

Pachira aquatica – Money Tree/Malabar Chestnut

Pseudoeranthemum ‘Purple Perfection

Cissus quadrangularis

Mammilaria theresae – Large Flowered Mammilaria

Passiflora caerulea – Blue Passion Flower

Ficus carica ‘Chicago Hardy’ – Chicago Hardy Edible Fig

Vanilla planifolia – Vanilla Orchid

Oxalis versicolor – Candy Cane Oxalis

Yucca cv – Variegated Yucca

Kohleria ‘Red Ryder’

Pereskia acuelata

Epiphyllum chrysocardium

Epiphyllum anguliger

Hippeastrum ‘Supreme Garden’

Begonia ‘Louis Burke’

Scadoxus multiflorus

Mystery Orchid

Averrhoa carambola – Star Fruit

Dieffenbachia ‘Tropic Snow’

Plants I’ve tried (and no longer have for various reasons)

Asplenium antiquum ‘Osaka’ (maybe Victoria?)- Ruffled Birds Nest Fern

Aglaonema cv. – Some purple leaved Chinese Evergreen that is impossible to grow  (Now Dead)

Dracaena dermensis ‘Warneckii’  – Not dead but donated to a good friend

Acuba japonica ‘Gold Dust’ – Gold Spotted Acuba Passed Away

Cordyline ‘Cafe Mocha’ Died…too dramatic for my lazy plant care

Saintpaulia ‘Harmony’s Cotton Candy’ – African Violet ‘Harmony’s Cotton Candy’

Phragmipedium bessai – Orange Flowered Slipper Orchid

Cyclamen persicum – White flowering Cyclamen  I got bored with this one so I ended up throwing it out.

AechynanthusThai Pink’ Got tired of dealing with the mealybugs

Ficus lyrata – Fiddle leaf fig  Donated to a friend in need of plant life

Phalaenopsis cv. – White with Dark Purple Spots Moth Orchid

Echinopsis subdenudata – Easterlily Cactus  Not really sure what killed it but it randomly decided to be dead

Agave desmettiana Donated to a friend in need of plants

Sedum rupestre ‘Angelina’ – Yellow Sedum  Dead

Begonia partita – Caudiciform Begonia  Dead

Metrosideros ‘Red and Gold’ Dead

Coffea arabica – Coffee Mealybug just wouldn’t go away so the whole plant went away.

Bambusa ventricosaBuddha Belly Bamboo Accidentally let freeze when outside for the summer

Saintpaulia cv. – Trailing Purple African Violet – Rot

Phalaenopsis ‘Variegated‘ Rot

Rosa cv. – Yellw Flowering Rose – Gave to a friend for her garden

Rhynchostylis gigantea ‘Spots’ – Rhynchostylis Orchid – Let freeze on accident

Phalaenopsis cv – Peach colored Moth Orchid – Rot

Rebutia pulvinosa – Orange flowered Rebutia – Rot

Puya berteroniana – Blue Puya Bromeliad

Abutilon ‘Bella Red’ Red Flowering Maple

13 thoughts on “Residents of The Jungle

  1. Hi Tom,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. I’m enjoying your blog, too, and noticed that you go a bit crazy on houseplants like I do. I would have even more if I could knock out more walls and add more windows, but alas, my townhouse homeowner association won’t allow that. But just you wait—one day I will live in a greenhouse! ;-)

    I’m adding you to my blogroll, if’n you don’t mind! You commented on my gardenmuse blog, and I’ll add you there and on my main blog (

    Happy plant tending!


  2. Not a problem at all! I wish I had about 5x as much space so I could have about 500 more houseplants. For now I’ll settle with my 10 foot living room window and a scattering of smaller ones in the rest of the place. I’ll put you on my blogroll as well!

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  4. Good work cataloging all your plants Tom. I know it’s a big undertaking to get it started. But then it’s easy to update after you’ve got everything there!

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  7. You say something about an onion plant which does not have exciting blooms, looks like a bleeding heart to me, mine in Fl, gone bare in the winter, spring they pop out all over they are beautiful flowers.

    On another one you were saying you wanted to cut it back, it looks like a night blooming cerus to me, I have two they only bloom once a year at 12 pm and gone by the next day, I started mine from a leave.

    you need some amaryllis seeds I have plenty of orange, I have about 40 baby plants all stages started from seeds, if you want some send me an e mail will send them to you

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