Spring Update

Things are doing some growing around here!   After an absurdly long winter, it’s so exciting to actually see green…and pink..and yellow and every other color that’s deciding to show itself!


I’m mostly pleased with how the woody plants have done.  The Disanthus died down to the parts that were below the snow line, as did the rhodie but then again President Roosevelt is only supposed to be a zone 7 plant and the parts below the snow line survived so I can’t complain.  The garden is puttering along at its own rate…slow but steady.  I’d complain but the weeds are also moving at a snails pace so there are some benefits, eh?  I wish I had more to say but quite frankly the pictures speak for themselves, and we all know what gardening is like so I’m sure you don’t really care about the nitty gritty details of moving random things around.  Or maybe I’m just cranky.  Oops.


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