Albuquerque, New Mexico


I’m pretty sure this is Sandia Peak? It’s nice to see the hills starting to get a few more trees/shrubs/greenery on them…the Southwest is nice but I really miss greenery right now (cuz you know… Chicago is famous for its winter greenery…oh wait it’s not).  Onward and upward!

6 thoughts on “Albuquerque, New Mexico

  1. The mountains are much greener in July!

    Were you north of the city when you took that? Did your train come in from Santa Fe? No, that wouldn’t make sense. I guess I can’t tell where you were to get that angle on the Sandias. I like the photo very much though!

  2. Ohhhh, you took the train home to Chicago, not out to LA. Now I get it. Yes, then this shot makes sense – it looks like you were on the Sandia reservation when you took it, just north of Albuquerque but south of Bernalillo.

    That’s a great route – because you get to see our more “deserty” looking areas, as well as our Rocky Mountain looking areas (like Santa Fe and Las Vegas). I was just in Las Vegas a few weeks ago and was reminded of what beautiful country that is. Not much to work if you live there, but there sure are lots of good places to hike and explore.

    Looks like you had a great trip west! Next time, we’ll see if we can coordinate more. I could at least meet you at the train station with better sandwiches!

    • It was so ridiculously scenic. At one point the conductor got on the PA to inform us of a herd of elk next to the tracks in the Ratton Pass. It was probably the highlight of the trip for me, I’ve never seen such gorgeous scenery and wildlife like that before! The whole train ride was a delight. It’s amazing but the 46 hour train ride felt far faster than the 4 hour flight to LA did.

  3. I can understand that about the train – it offers such an interesting peek into the country. And that route was such a great choice. Raton is beautiful. When I go to Denver, I drive so I can go through that part of the state. It’s only an hour plane ride, but I prefer the scenic drive.

    I know I’m biased, but I do think New Mexico is one of the prettiest states in the country. Those mountains make me swoon! I’m glad you enjoyed it (and very glad you didn’t get stabbed at the train station, haha!)

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