Sorry about the unintentional blog holiday.  Since I’ve been writing blog posts for work I’ve kind of forgotten to write for this one.  I swear I’ll do better next time!  Granted I think next time is going to be after the new year because I’m not seeing myself being any less lazy until then.  Until then…I’ll be off blowing up Jedi on Star Wars: The Old Republic (cuz in addition to being a giant plant nut I’m also obsessed with all things star wars and that’s currently taking over my life).  Until then, enjoy this recycled picture of the Bartholdi Fountain at the USBG because Ivynettle is going to DC and I’m obscenely jealous.   DSC00657


Edit: I will also add this picture of my spruce pot that I did because I happen to really like it and realized I haven’t posted about it cuz duh, I haven’t posted about anything.




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