Back Yard Update

Ok I’ve waited long enough to post pictures.  The garden is coming together and I’m…getting lazy.  Oops.  I don’t really have a ton to say so I hope you enjoyed the pictures!


12 thoughts on “Back Yard Update

  1. That unknown bromeliad is really lovely.

    N.b.: The Sciadoptis picture didn’t display for me, even when I tried to open it in a new tab — instead I got the thumbnail of the Schisandra picture.

  2. Lots of pretty new plants! I love the aquilegia – never seen one like that before!

    Makes me wish I had a garden, though. Or even just the money to buy a few new plants, but I’ve just committed to a rather expensive trip, so I’ll have to restrain myself.

      • I don’t think I’ve ever seen variegated cotyledons.

        I’m going to the World Fantasy Convention, in the UK. Feeling a little nervous, because that involves flying, which I’m not very familiar with, but I get to hang out with online friends and my favourite author, so it’ll be worth it!

  3. Tom,
    Thanks for sharing you garden. You’re doing a really great job. I am impressed that you are also utilizing botanical names rather than the local names which vary so much from place to place

    • Thanks! It’s a lot easier to use the botanical name if I know it…that way I’ll always be able to look the plant up when I forget how to take care of it!

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