Back Yard Shenanigans


You’d never know it from this picture but I just sprayed round up in the area where my first new plantings are going!  For those who haven’t figured out, this is my new back yard.  It’s currently…sad.  We got the patio spruced up (stained the benches, washed the concrete, etc) but the yard has just kind of been ignored.  I did spray round up on all the creeping bellflower I could find before it got too out of control but that’s about it.  Not anymore!  I sprayed kind of a rounded kidney bean shaped bed that encompasses all the trees because lord knows I don’t want to mow around trees.  I don’t have much to go in the bed yet, but what I do have I’m really excited about.  I have a Horstmanns Silberlocke Korean fir (Abies koreana ‘Horstmann’s Silberlocke’), European Ironwood (Ostrya carpinifolia), two Golden Lights Azaelas, Darmera peltata, Thujopsis dolobrata ‘Variegata’, Schisandra chinensis to cover the fence, and a Sorbaria sorbifolia ‘Sem’ to fill in the back corner. My mom brought me some assorted plants from the yard in Minnesota and  I’m also going to dig up all the hostas along the fence and divide them up to cover ground until more interesting things can happen.


Brugmansia 'Snowbank'

In not-really-yard news, I finally got the variegated angels trumpet of my dreams!  And it was 50% off!  I doubt I’ve ever mentioned this but I’ve wanted one of these for yearssssssssss.  For $10 I couldn’t say no.



Also it turns out my “dead” bamboo wasn’t dead after all.  Apparently some tropical things can survive 20º and no water for 4 months and still sprout again.  I can’t complain!


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