Where did Tom go?

Tom (and Michael) bought this:


!  We’re quite excited.  It’s our first house after all.  It’s taking a lot of work to get it painted and everything so I haven’t even had a chance to touch the yard (as evidenced by all those weeds).  I’m so excited about the house that I haven’t even bothered to post about the 6 blooms my epiphyllum had last week!  I suppose this means the blog will probably be getting less houseplanty and more yard planty.  But in the mean time ahhhhhhhhhhhhh house!!! 


12 thoughts on “Where did Tom go?

  1. Congratulations! Definitely a reason for excitement (and for ignoring the blog, though I hope we’ll still get to read about your houseplants from time to time. :) )

    • Oh don’t worry, you’ll still get to hear about them. Especially during the epic battle that will be me trying to find space for them inside!

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