Get on the Echium Bandwagon!

So it seems like at some point this spring everyone (1,2) who I read (and lives in the west coast) has blogged about their Echium plants being all showy and hardy and giant and wonderful and blah blah blah….I don’t sound jealous do I?  Oops.  Well, not to be out done, let me show you my Echium amoenum ‘Red Feathers’!

IMG_20130526_114135_866  It survived a rather harsh winter completely unscathed!  I planted it last spring fully expecting it to not overwinter due to Echium’s pesky tendency to be monocarpic.  Sure, it’s only about 1.25 feet tall but it’s an Echium AND it survived the Chicago winter unscathed planted in wet clay so dense that I can mold it into figurines if I had any artistic talent.  Ok, I know it’s not really all that exciting of a plant but when you live in somewhere so tundra-y you take what you can get, right?

In other, marginally more exciting news I’m sure you all remember my Epiphyllum.  Well, I have now found SIX more buds on it.  Which hopefully means I’ll be getting six more blooms off of it.  I’m only marginally hopeful because they’re probably going to try and bloom just as we’re trying to move (more on that in mid June) and I seem to recall epi’s having a love of aborting buds at the slightest provocation.  Stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “Get on the Echium Bandwagon!

  1. I happen to love that Echium and finally planted a couple here in my garden. Something promptly ate all the foliage on 2 of the 3 plants. Not so pretty.

    To answer the question you posed on my blog yes, I had the pleasure of meeting that Karl G. character last weekend. Lots of food and drinks and talk of plant focused adventures. So…may I ask, why do you ask?

    • I was just wondering cuz I saw him mention something about Danger Garden on facebook and figured it had to be you. He was my boss at my internship and I am always shocked at how many people I either know or read that he ends up knowing. I swear that man knows everyone who’s ever touched a plant or thought about them.

      • Indeed! We out here on the West Coast can be somewhat removed from the rest of the world but he even seemed to know everyone here. His photos have been a god send to us on so when I heard he was coming out this way we had to wine and dine him!

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