Because Someone Was Pouty…

::looks in the general direction of Mr. Subjunctive::  Ok so he had a very good point when he said “but we only get one picture” in his comment but in my defense it was night time, it was past my bed time (yes I know I posted it at like 9:20…but I wake up at 5am and I really like to sleep so don’t judge!) and really since it was dark I could only get one picture.  Anyways, since they were requested here are a couple more shots of it in the day time (because holy crap it actually stayed open til I got home from work!  It wasn’t purely night blooming after all!!!!).  In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about, go see the previous post.




6 thoughts on “Because Someone Was Pouty…

  1. Well I was thinking of you. Five years’ wait before you got this; who’s to say it wouldn’t be another five before you see it again? These things have to be documented.

    (Okay, actually just thinking of me. But I’d like to think there’s still a valid point in there somewhere about gathering ye Epiphyllum photos while ye may.)

    • Your concern is very touching. Mostly I just posted the single picture because when you’re taking pictures with a flash while sleepy they all tend to look the same/unfocused. I did spend about 5 minutes just staring at it this afternoon…my husband seemed more than a little concerned by my behavior :/

  2. Yay, more pictures! It’s really, really beautiful!

    And staring at it for a couple of minutes is perfectly ordinary behaviour. I still occasionally spend a bit of time just looking at one of the plants I recently bought, and it’s not even blooming. (I’m sooo behind with my posts… really need to show off these new-ish plants.)

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  4. Wow, Tom, that’s stunning!

    Five years, eh? That’s helpful to know. I can’t remember how long I’ve had mine, but it hasn’t bloomed so far. You’ve given me hope! At least I know from yours that it’ll be worth the wait.

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