Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Jatropha cathartica

Jatropha cathartica

Well this is it.  The one single plant blooming in my apartment on Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.  Sure there are things blooming in the hall (which I’ll show later) and yes those are my plants but it is a little silly that I only have one flower right now.

That being said I have this to look forward to (unless it aborts…):

Epiphyllum in Bud

Epiphyllum in Bud

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before I’ve had this thing for almost 5 years and it has never done ANYTHING (except become gigantic).  And now I get a bud!  I really hope it doesn’t abort, I’ve been ridiculously excited about it ever since I noticed it a few weeks ago.

As I mentioned I do have a couple things blooming in the hallway.  First up we have Hippeastrum ‘Red Pearl’.  This one is probably my favorite amaryllis in my collection.  The wilted flower is the result of me trying to cross it with Hippeastrum ‘Garden Supreme’ and another two flowers have been crossed with an unknown mini red and white.  We’ll see if any of them take.

Hippeastrum 'Red Pearl'

Hippeastrum ‘Red Pearl’

And last but not least we have my random home depot Calceolaria that almost doesn’t count since I bought it in flower but it’s too fun not to show.


I do have other stuff blooming outdoors but I just don’t really care about it right now so I’m not going to bother with it!

Make sure to head over to May Dreams Gardens to see more GBBD posts!

On a side note I just realized this is my 200th post.  Yay, my blog made it to 200 posts (I was doubtful I’d make it past 100…).  Lets see if we can make it to 300!


2 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

  1. Good luck with your Epiphyllum! I’m sure it will be beautiful. :) LOL-I know what you mean about Home Depot plants, but if I saw that one sitting there in bloom, I don’t know if I’d be able to pass it up either. I hope you can repeat the results later. :)

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