ChiBot trip 2004506

Do you ever have one of those moments where you see a plant that you’ve lusted after forever but never known the name of it and suddenly it’s on a sale bench and it’s dirt cheap?  Yeah I had that moment today at the Illinois Orchid Society Sale at the Chicago Botanic Gardens.  Turns out the object of my lust was Epidendrum pseudoepidendrum (False Epidendrum Epidendrum?  Great name there guys…  I guess it turns out the original genus was Pseudoepidendrum but it got reclassified.  Couldn’t we have kept the original specific epithet and ditched the oxymoron name?).

Epidendrum psuedoepidendrum  The flower is rather huge for an epi (a bit bigger than a US silver dollar as opposed to the usual quarter or nickle sized blooms).  I love the tricolor effect of the flowers.  It’d be interesting to use this in breeding with a Cattleya, could you imagine a big gaudy florist cat with colors like this?  On a side note, the longer I look at this flower the more I want candy.  Maybe I better move it…


Anyways since I was already at the gardens I decided to walk around and gawk at some early spring blooms.  Nothing out of the ordinary but all still pretty!


3 thoughts on “ChiBot trip 2004506

  1. That’s a cool orchid! (Also, muahahaha, I’m eating candy right now.)

    I think I had some of those ‘Katherine Hodgkins’ (or something very similar) back in my parents’ garden. I wonder if they’re still there, five years after we sold the house… it’s not far away, but I can’t make myself walk past that house to see what the new owners have done with my garden.

    • Ugh, if I ever own a home and have to sell it I would NEVER NEVER NEVER go back. Then again I’d also probably dig up 90% of yard before I moved so I guess it’s a moot point. KH really is an adorable Iris, I want a field of like….10 million of them.

      • Yeah… if I’d had anywhere to move my plants to, I would have taken them with me…
        Leaving that garden was the hardest part about my parents’ divorce.

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