The Jungle Grows

Looks like my window in my office is starting to become part of the jungle as well… An orange Masdevalia, pink Reiger begonia, Salvia guaranitica, Linaria, Davallia fejeensis (rabbits foot fern), Episcia, Begonia heraclefolia, and Cymbopogon citratus (lemon grass) are all growing happily in my west facing window


My south facing window (yes, I have two windows!) has a few more plants…but I’ll save that picture for later

9 thoughts on “The Jungle Grows

    • The cultivar ‘Black and Blue” is much much more common but I think I like the straight species (These guys) better, the black calices kinda make the flowers less showy in my opinion.

        • It’s a great one for the fall, it really comes into its peak in late August/early September. If you can find it, buy buy buy! Another common name is Anise scented sage but I don’t really think it smells much like that

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