Indoor Garden Art – Link

My friend Coz runs a nifty blog over at Chuck Does Art.  Sometimes it’s artsy, sometimes it’s really random and occasionally it’s planty.  His most recent post happens to be his most interestingly planty in my opinion.  The old window frame turned into tillandsia terrarium hanger is so cool.  If I didn’t already have a billion houseplants/no wall or window space I would totally run down to the nearest garage sale and try to find a window frame to do this to.  So yes, go look, you might get inspired yourself.  On a side note, I wish I had any sort of creativity that extended beyond planting pretty containers!



In Tom-Plant-Related-News my Brassavola orchid is blooming again!  eeeee!  I might actually be doing something right with it!  I’ve also got a Stephanotis vine that is all budded up at work.  I’m not sure I’m too excited about the smell of 6 clusters of blooms in a small office but I’m still so excited I actually got the plant to survive and even bud up (I’m not counting my chickens until the flowers actually open… lord knows there are a million ways the buds could abort before then).


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