Oh dear lord…

I know it’s a horrendously blurry picture but this poor heather was clearly too embarrassed to sit still and be photographed.

Yes, that’s right kids, in spite of the foot of snow we got last week (and the 4 days of snow the week before, the 2 feet on the ground, the 20 foot tall pile of snow next to the plants, or the below freezing temps, take your pick really!) home depot decided it’s spring and we should have blooming plants for sale outside! Good luck digging and planting! In case you haven’t already realized no, it’s not at all a good time to plant outside in the Chicago area

Edit: not to be out done, lowes has a crapload of forced bulbs for sale for your planters that are still in the garage waiting the end of the freeze thaw cycle. ::facepalm::


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