Brassavola pt. II

As I mentioned previously, my Brassavola orchid was getting ready to bloom.  Well, now it’s blooming.



As I mentioned previously it smells amazing.  The green on the outter petals (sepals?) is a tad darker than it looks in this picture but you get the general idea.  Not really the showiest flowers ever but hey, I’ve got an orchid that’s blooming.  Yup, this really is all I’ve got to say about this guy because I’m pretty sure I’ve beaten the Brassavola topic to death by now.  Stay tuned for some eventual post about my 3 mini amarylis that are all getting ready to bloom!

7 thoughts on “Brassavola pt. II

    • This one has been crazy easy. It just sits in a slightly chilly west window getting fertilized twice a year with generic fertilizer. I generally run it fairly dry

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