I need something to post…but I’m plum out of ideas.  Nothing of note is happening with the jungle (unless you count a few Hippeastrum coming out of dormancy but it’s not THAT exciting…at least not exciting until the flowers start to form).  ::sigh::  Anything you guys want to hear me rant about? Anything you want a care sheet about (but only plants from my cast of characters list, they’re the ones that I have the scoop on!). If not things might be a wee bit quite around here, at least until something fun happens with some of my plants or I get so bored I decide to blog about putting my Galangal plant into dormancy.  I hope everyone had a great New Year and a happy holidays!

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  1. You could rant about how you don’t have anything to rant about? Maybe a rant about how summer you didn’t take into consideration that winter you would need something to blog about, and so didn’t plan by adding more plants and stuff that had winter interest? EDTA: You could rant about how WP keeps trying to get me to sign into WP to comment on your blog. Ugh! :0)

    • I could also rant about how wordpress won’t let me save my replies to everyone’s comments!!! I really didn’t take into account my winter blogging needs…since I’m actually employed all year with my new job I don’t have as much puttering in the windowsill time as I used to.

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