Brassavola is at it again!

Brassavola sp.Apparently this mystery Brassavola plant is a really easy one to get blooms on.  Just like last year I did absolutely nothing special and my plant has rewarded me with two nice buds.  I’m guessing the blooming is either day-length dependent (this one is in a room that rarely has the lights turned on) or they like a nice drop in temperatures (our apartment drops 5 to 9 degrees between day and night.  Last year it didn’t bloom until March which was roughly 3 months after our landord installed new thermostats that we can program…3 months is plenty of time for the buds to form right?).  Either way I’m really excited for the great fragrance again!

7 thoughts on “Brassavola is at it again!

    • If you’ve ever been to a whole sale florist it smells just like the section where they keep all the stock (matthiola). If not it smells just like stock with a slightly herbal undertone. One bloom fills the entire apartment

    • It’s a terrific smell. If you’ve ever gone to a wholesale florist it smells just like the part of the cooler where they keep the Stock (Matthiola). Incredibly sweet and vanilla-y with a slightly herbal undertone

    • Oh for sure, if I forget to post a picture I probably need to be shot, it’s not like I really have anything else going on that would make me forget about it…

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