Why Bother?

I know times are tough for most towns but really, if you’re going to spend money on seasonal decorations can’t you at least make it look like you tried?


These are the lamest excuses for winter decor I think I’ve ever seen. Our village decided that these pots were somehow good enough for the metra station…you can’t even see the greens unless you’re standing over them because there isn’t enough soil in the pots (and the greens are just laying on the surface, they’re not even stuck in) and the branches aren’t even enough to notice from across the tracks. Come on guys, really? This is the best we can do?


2 thoughts on “Why Bother?

  1. That’s really pathetic! The greens look like a lawn mower threw up in the pot, and the branches… well, I kind of like the branches, but I can imagine how un-noticeable they are from a distance.

    • The branches would be fine…if there were about 10 more in each pot. They’re also the same color as the brick behind them which doesn’t really help at all. I love the mental image of a lawn mower throwing up branches

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