So I was talking to my friend Joe, pondering just what I should update you guys about. Well, I was going to blather endlessly about the joys of plants that go dormant (which Joe sort of suggested…though I think he meant more like how to tell if your plant is going dormant or if it’s dead).


Well that’s not what this post is about. Instead I give you this picture. Of a poinsettia for sale at home depot. In october. Seriously?! I can see (sort of) buying lights and stuff now because they’ll still be just as usable in 8 weeks,but this? I can almost guarantee that the 5 people who actually want a poinsettia in October will have it dead 2 weeks into November. Plus who has a house that wouldn’t look absurd with a poinsettia before Halloween?! ::sigh::


8 thoughts on “Ack!

    • I had a really hard time not having a rampage. I figured it was a bad day to get escorted off the property by the police…or worse…having to pay for all of them

      • I think it might have to do with the fact that we don’t have any holidays in autumn – no Thanksgiving, and while Halloween does exist, it’s probably still not such a big deal, and there are some people who are strongly opposed to it – so we can jump from high summer straight to Christmas.

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