Thanksgiving Cactus!


My yellow Schlumbergera truncata (usually sold as a Christmas cactus but really they’re more appropriately known as Thanksgiving cactus) has started to bloom!  I think I’m changing the name of these guys from Thanksgiving cactus to end-of-summer cactus (it’s so catchy, I know!).  While I do wish the blooms were more intensely yellow, I do still like the soft buttery yellow of these guys.  They’re a lot more yellow this year than usual, I wonder if it’s because we’re letting the apartment get cooler at night than we used to?  I feel like I remember reading somewhere that cooler temps produce more intense colors but I could just be on crack.  It doesn’t look like my true Christmas cactus or my other plant that also claims to be true Christmas cactus (S. x buckleyi) are doing very much but then again, we’re not near Christmas yet so who knows, maybe they will! (I really really hope they will)Image


5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Cactus!

  1. Interesting. Well I’ve got nothing then! The light thing would make sense about S. x buckleyi, I know I’ve never had one bloom except at my parents house where it was in an unused room.

  2. My buckleyi has always bloomed way after Christmas. (It’s back inside now, which means from now on I’ll be going to bed and getting up in total darkness – no more artificial light in the bedroom!)
    And if that second pic is true to life, yes, it’s really quite yellow.
    I think I remember the temperature/colour thing from chrysanthemums (and maybe poinsettias too? I haven’t grown poinsettias for a few years), but I don’t know if it’s true for other plants, too.

    • Thanks! This is the most yellow it’s ever been but and I’m loving it. Now that they’re starting to finish blooming they’re a really dark yellow, it’s quite lovely really.

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