I feel like I’m always making excuses… Pt 1

…but I swear, my computer is still non-existent.  I’m currently writing this on the boy’s computer which means typos will have to be forgiven because lord knows I’m not adjusted to using a mac keyboard.  I did manage to get the entire jungle moved in…mostly?  I still have a bunch of stuff outside but it’s things that either A) I don’t care if it frosts and dies or B) things that are going dormant and I’d like to have the foliage die first.


I did also take a nice vacation to Washington D.C via Amtrak.  There is something so fun about a train ride through the Appalachians (which are not large scary mountains like the Rockies…they don’t loom quite so much…and they’re a hell of a lot more verdant) and train stations are frequently more delightful than airports (see Washington Union Station, pictured above).  The train ride was nice, pretty much completely on time but really that wasn’t the point of the vacation.  The vacation was for plant people goodness!  I went to go visit my friend Karin who currently resides in DC and had a side excursion up to Kennett Square to visit Longwood (where we both did our internship in 2008) and all our friends who are still there.  I’m not sure a lot of people realize it but DC is a great city for plant geekitry.  Take for instance the United States Botanic Garden.


This gem is right next to the Capitol yet it never seems to be as swarmed with visitors as the rest of DC (granted I’ve only been there a handful of times so what do I know!).  But look at that.  GIANT SARRACENIA!  How can you not love that, especially with the Capitol looming in the distance.  There has got to be some sort of symbolism in that.  Aside from its great location, it has some great plants too.


Their Hawaii room is great.  It’s the only Hawaiian themed conservatory room I’ve ever seen and I just love it.

It’s also home to one of my favorite fountains ever



Giant gold pothos for the win!




Cutest pepperomia ever?

And now for some generic shots of Washington DC being pretty





The Library of Congress is positively swoon-worthy, to borrow a term from my friend Andrew (who happened to be at the LOC with me).


Ok I think this is enough contextless pictures for now….stay tuned for another post about my trip (probably tomorrow since I don’t have to work)  I hope you enjoyed!



3 thoughts on “I feel like I’m always making excuses… Pt 1

  1. Tom, we missed each other by only a few days. I was in DC, then Williamsburg, VA for a wedding. I miss that area – I used to live there before moving to NM.

    Loved those shots!

  2. That botanical garden looks awesome! And I agree, train rides and train stations are so much more fun than planes/airports.
    I’m still waiting for the first frost to appear on the weather forecast before I bring stuff inside. I’m not sure if I’m dreading it or if I’m looking forward to it.

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