Why is it that every time I get something new and shiny (in this case buying a domain name and more photo space) something directly related to it prevents me from using it?!  I’ve got about a million posts in the pipelines (including a fun one about assorted Asian fruits I purchased at the Super H Mart today) but I can’t because my computer decided it would rather be broken instead.  Grrrrr.  How am I writing this you ask?  Well I’m using Michael’s computer but I have no way to transfer my pictures to this computer and really who wants to read a post about exotic melons and lychees without being able to see pictures?  I tried using the mobile app for my phone but that’s so beyond useless that I can’t actually get anything to post from it.  So until I have a working computer again it looks like I’ll be on hiatus. 

2 thoughts on “::sigh::

    • Ugh. Beyond frustrating. On the plus side I finally learned how to update from my phone so at least I can do some small, crappy updates to satiate my desire to blab about plants!

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