A New Look

I’m back (again.  I’m going to pretend to myself that I’ll actually be good about blogging again).  The reason for the most recent break?  My blog ran out of space for picture uploads and really who wants to read a blog about plants with no pictures?  Well I finally got around to remembering to buy space AND I remembered my Christmas present to myself…a new domain name!  You can still get here by the old address (https://theatrumbotanicum.wordpress.com) but now you can also get here by http://www.midwesternjungle.com!  I wish I had something more exciting to post…but I guess a new name is exciting, no?  In the mean time I’ll leave you with this  picture:

I finally made it back up to Minnesota to check on my plants (ok and maybe see my family too…ok fine, it was mostly to see my family but seeing my cacti was nice too).  I’m most pleased with this Ephedra plant…it’s getting so big so fast!  I’m not even sure why I’m so obsessed with this plant…it just looks like a blue horsetail, but still I think it’s great.



In other news, I’m going to be messing around with the look of the blog too, feel free to leave any thoughts you have (i.e. ohmygod that theme sucks pick a new one)


10 thoughts on “A New Look

    • Thanks! It was only going to be temporary (because it wasn’t planty enough) but then I decided that I love Minneapolis too much to take it down

  1. My blog ran out of space for picture uploads

    How is this even possible? I’ve been on Blogger for 4.5 years, posting every day for most of that time, and I’ve only used about a third of the upload storage space provided.

    • Something tells me blogger is a lot more generous than the 2gb that wordpress gives you. Either that or my pictures are just gigantic (which is possible but I refuse to change my camera settings!)

  2. You should’ve moved to Blogger. I’ve been on Blogger for 7 years now and I’m not even at a third of the space allowed. You can also use the custom domain feature for free. :0) Also you could easily resize your pics before uploading them. Capture them at a large size on your camera, then resize them in an editor.

    • I can actually do all that here too…I’m just an incredibly lazy blogger (as evidenced by my lack of posts for some time…though my new job eating all my time contributed to that as well). I used blogger on a previous blog and just never really loved it. It also turned out my camera got switched to the largest file settings for pictures so my last year or so has been full of way way way bigger files than I meant to use.

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