A Midsummers Update

Ok I suppose I can do better than the last post.  Here’s a quick update on the goings on with the jungle.  Nothing too horrendously exciting (except the figs…I’m super excited about the figs.  Possibly unnecessarily excited).  I will say things are looking really good when you take into account that we just had 3 weeks with temperatures in the high 90’s/low 100’s and zero rainfall.  Things have cooled off the last couple of days and now stuff is really taking off.  I hope I’ll have space for it all this fall…

3 thoughts on “A Midsummers Update

  1. *sigh* I miss figs…
    And I can’t really say anything about the wax begonias. I even have one myself this year, isn’t that crazy? Apparently they’re supposed to be tasty.

    • I’m really really hoping the season will be long enough for them to ripen…

      I’ve never heard of anyone eating wax begonias…interesting…interesting… I have heard tuberous begonias have citrusy tasting flowers so I guess wax taste similar? I’ll admit they’re not my favorite flower either but they do soooo much better than impatiens in this spot and they’re strangely the exact shade of pink I was looking for so I can’t complain about that either!

      • Just went out to try a flower, and yes, citrusy describes it pretty well.
        I actually had one customer this year who, when buying a few wax begonias, told me she always calls them her “salad flowers” – but it’s not very well-known that they’re edible.

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