This last winter I entered the lottery to get a community garden plot at The Wagner Farm.  About 4 weeks later I was ecstatic to get the e-mail that I received a plot!  They had several hundred people trying to get one of 96 plots so I was quite pleased that I managed to get one.  The above picture is clearly not my garden plot but rather it’s the main group of buildings that make up the farm museum.

Here’s what my plot looked like on June 13th.  Hard to believe that everything was this small and insignificant just 3 weeks ago.  What did I plant?  Well, I planted some dwarf blue sweet corn (drought killed it), basil, beets (drought killed them), golden midget watermelon (drought killed it), Minnesota midget muskmelon, russian pickling cucumbers, some cut flowers, 3 pepper plants and 18 tomato plants. The peppers are Chinese paper lantern, Ancho/Poblano, and Serrano.  The tomatoes are Jaune flame, sunsweet (or sun sugar or something else that was yellow and “sun” but not sun gold), Japanese black trifle, speckled roman, green zebra and a couple of random plants I got as give-aways at the gardens (the best part about my new job is all the free plants.  I got a Tibouchina in a #5 pot for free because it had a little bit of fertilizer burn!).

Things are looking just a bit bigger now, no?  I harvested my first cucumber yesterday.  My muskmelons have dozens of flowers on them.  The plants that managed to survive the drought seem to be absolutely loving the 9 days of 100+ degree heat.  My tomatoes went from having 2 sets leaves to being 2 feet tall and loaded with fruit sets.  I hope it stays hot out while the melon set fruit so that they’ll be nice and sweet.  Minnesota midget is my favorite muskmelon, the vines only get 3′ long and the fruit are the size of a soft ball.  It’s great for patios and since the fruit are so small you can eat one with just about no waste.  They’re also really early ripening (usually 60 days from germination) so they’re great for northern climates.


Now that the heat has broken (it’s been in the 70’s for the last two days!) I’m starting to regain my passion for gardening.  Now if only we could get some damn rain!  I’m really getting sick of spending 7 hours a day watering the same section only to go to work at 5am and do it all over again.  I can’t believe I’m saying this but I wish I had time to weed!  ::sigh::


I’ll leave you guys with a picture of the community garden plots everyone’s plants are growing so well!


5 thoughts on “Veggies!

  1. I have Minnesota Midget as well! Only mine ended up in a bad spot (shaded out by a tomato) so I don’t expect I’ll get any fruit this year. But I already have better plans for next year.

  2. Thanks for the info on the MN Midget! I’ll have to try that one next year if I can get a plot at the community garden here in South St. Paul again. I feel your pain with the watering and weeding. After working in a garden center, having to go water in the heat is really hard and who has time to weed??? ;)

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