The Jungle Returns



Almost all the houseplants are finally out!  Is it just me or did they multiply?  (The correct answer is Yes Tom, you do lack self control every time you go near a greenhouse and that’s why you have 500 more plants than you meant to)

6 thoughts on “The Jungle Returns

    • My apartment is only 800 square feet. I think when you have one plant per square foot it starts to be considered unhealthy by uptight people.

  1. I wish I had this much space to put plants outside… and I just got back from a shopping trip… and I may have to make another one… passion flowers at half price, how can I resist?

    • On one hand its totally great, but on the other hand it stinks when fall comes along and I have to move everything in…and its 6 times larger. I guess I could have worse problems, no?

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