Return of the Tom

I’m baaaaaack!  Sorry for the extended absence…but I’m sure you planty folk understand.  Late May/ early June is always a tremendously busy time of year for the gardeners of the world but throw a new job into the mix and you’ve got a whole lot of work and basically no spare time.  After 21 days I finally get my first two days off!  I haven’t worked 21 full days mind you but still waking up at 5 am for 21 days straight (the last 3 weekends I’ve had to come in at 6 to water but am usually done by 8 or so, so it’s not a full day).  Why am I explaining all this anyways, I’m even boring myself.  Onwards and upwards to the planty stuff!

I’ve been busy with…

Making containers:

Cutting back plants that have gotten out of control:

Rescuing Primula auricula from the compost bin at work:

Falling in love with new plants:

Sansevieria (likely robusta but not sure)

Vitis vinifera ‘Purpurea’. This plant will be an attempted bonsai eventually.

Some sort of Jatropha (I can’t remember which!)

Mimulus aurantiacus  ‘Curious Orange’ (The tag says M. alatus but it looks sooo much like aurantiacus and nothing like alatus so I’m going with aurantiacus)


Being excited about random plant events:

My edible fig survived a (mild) winter! It’s even thriving!


9 thoughts on “Return of the Tom

  1. Lovely looking plants and containers there! Yep, it is a busy period for gardeners indeed but throw in a new job with it and it can be tricky. Good luck with the new job :)

    • ME TOO! I was so excited to move to Chicago because I was like AHHHH IT WILL BE WARM ENOUGH THAT I CAN KIND OF THINK ABOUT GROWING FIGS!!!!

  2. Your plants looks great! I especially like your pachira money tree plant. Can you grow those from cuttings that you’ve took from the plant. I’ve wanted to try this but am wondering if it will work.

    • It’s funny you ask that…because I stuck a cutting into the pot and so far it seems to be rooting in. We’ll see how it handled this 100 degree day before I make any real judgements though

  3. Love your containers! I’m growing mimulus aka monkey flower for the first time this year. I ended up moving it to a shadier spot. I don’t think our employers realize how time consuming work can be. Hello! Four day week, people! :)

    • This particular mimulus seems to really be enjoying the full blazing sun, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many flowers on a plant in my life! Ok thats a lie but you get the point. I do know there are some species that like a bit more shade, I’ve never had any luck with those unfortunately (which is sad because I love them!)

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