Yesterday morning I gave my Bowiea volubis its first watering in 3-4 months.  Climbing onions like to go dormant for the winter and quite honestly, I like them to go dormant for the winter because it’s one less plant to care for and cram into a window.  At any rate, I wanted it for the first time yesterday thinking “I suppose these bulbs (side note: are these bulbs?  I’m not actually sure but I think they might be) might want some water and eventually put out a shoot or two”.  Well, apparently they REALLY wanted to start growing because within 24 hours they’ve grown 4 inches.  I’m thinking this guy might be plotting with my passion vine that went from 6′ to 25+ feet over the course of the winter.  If you don’t hear from me in over a week just assume that I’ve been eaten by all my vines (the Tetrastigma has been throwing out new growth all over the place too…).


6 thoughts on “Zoom

  1. Four inches in a day sounds definitely crazy – and a little scary!

    My Tetrastigma is finally growing now that I’m watering it nearly every day (greedy thing!) – already had to repot it twice this year!

  2. I water my Bowiea year-round. The new vines emerge around Jan. 1 and grow alarmingly fast, which gives me something interesting to watch during the winter. Now I want a Tetrastigma, though.

    • 1) Congrats on being my 500th comment!

      2) I would water mine year-round except I’m so busy fending off every other plant in my apartment that it’s kind of relief to have a few that I don’t need to do anything with. Also, tetrastigma is a great plant, I wholeheartedly recommend it (assuming you have space for something that wants to take over the world AND has giant leaves).

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