My Ficus carica ‘Hardy Chicago’ survived the winter!

The buds have started swelling on my Chicago Hardy fig.  I know we didn’t really have a “real” winter this year but still.  I live in Chicago AND I’ll possibly be eating fresh home grown figs (or maybe just ONE fig if I’m lucky).  I’m ridiculously excited about this, I’m pretty sure Michael will punch me if I mention it again so now you guys are stuck with my glee.  EEEEEEEEEEE FIGS!  The buds survived about a foot up the stem so I won’t even be dealing with waiting for the whole plant to re-sprout from the roots!


9 thoughts on “Ficus!

  1. Yay figs! I don’t think I’ve eaten any since I left the apprenticeship place, where we had some huge potted trees. And I love the smell of fig trees – during our Italy trip last summer, I occasionally had to stick my head into a fig tree just to inhale it!

      • They don’t seem to smell every time – not sure if it’s the variety, or the time of day – sunny days are probably best. I didn’t even really notice the smell until my mother pointed it out, but now that I’ve started paying attention to it, yes, it smells of summer holidays in Italy, and it makes me happy.

        • Ooo summer holidays in italy! That sounds a lot better smelling than summer holidays in Iowa. Now I can’t wait to find out what that smells like (yes I’m going to think you’re crazy if I smell my fig and it doesn’t smell like anything)

          • And then I’ll go around and sniff every fig I can get to in different kinds of weather and at different times of day, and conduct a scientifical study. ;-)

            Summer holidays in Italy are of course much easier to accomplish when you live in in one of the neighbouring countries – but honestly, they were more fun when I was a kid. Now, I’d prefer to go in spring, but … well… I can do that when I want to come back and not have a job any more! We’re not even allowed to get sick this time of year, let alone go on holiday.

            • Yeah I know what you mean about no vacations in spring… that’s why I gave myself a week off between jobs so that I could actually enjoy a spring week for the first time in 10 years. I’m such a horrible plantperson

              • Ten years are a long time – you definitely deserved that week off!
                It’s not been that long for me – I actually went on two trips in May 2008 (to Germany and the UK). It was much easier to get time off at the apprenticeship place. But that’s one of the few things I miss about it. The houseplants and the fig trees, too, but the people – not one bit!

  2. I used to work as a server at this fancy farm here in Albuquerque. They had a wonderful fig tree that produced fruit like crazy. At our weddings, the chef would make appetizers from them – sometimes sliced with a dollop of chevre and a little sea salt, sometimes whole dipped in honey also collected from the property. I can remember telling wedding guests as I held out the appetizer tray that I’d watched the chef picking the figs earlier that day. Talk about awesome.

  3. That’s fantastic Tom! Figs can take awhile to leaf out in the spring (very late spring on some of them) but when they do they’re quite quick. Love the foliage of figs as much as the fruits!

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