An Attempt at Making a Hardy Container

I’m hoping this pot will survive the winter intact.  I’m not so sure the heuchera will make it but I’m 90% sure everything else should with no problems.  In case you’re wondering the plants are Barberry ‘Helmond Pillar’, Daylily ‘Golden Zebra’, Heuchera ‘Peppermint Spice’ and some random creeping juniper I got for like $2.  I realize there is still space in the pot…that is because I’m going to sill it in with some summer blooming annuals to ensure floral color all summer (and spring and fall and maybe tuck some evergreens in for winter interest too if needed).  I’m absolutely smitten with the daylily.  I looooove the colors!  It’s even supposed to be a stable variegation.  I can’t wait to see the bright orange flowers (I’m sure they’ll look delightfully clashy with everything else in the pot).


In other container news, the Icelandic poppies in my spring container at the apartment are loooooving the cool weather we’ve had all April.  At least something is.  I wish the yellow ones were still blooming too…the pot looked so nice when all the pansies and poppies were blooming.  Naturally I didn’t bother to take any pictures though!


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