Amaryllis Seeds

My first batch of Hippeastrum seeds have ripened!  Actually it’s the second batch but the pods from my H. ‘Red Pearl’ x H. ‘Gilmar’ (I can never remember the correct way to list a cross but Red Pearl was the pollen parent) aborted about 3 weeks after fertilization.  I think it was because I forgot to water it…  Anyways, I never expected them to have winged seeds like this, I don’t know why but I was expecting round seeds more like daylilies.


These are from H. ‘Gilmar’ x H. ‘Red Pearl’.  I’m not horrifically excited about the prospects of the off spring but who knows, something fun may result.  I’m really hoping for one that has the red of Red Lion with the green throat from Gilmar.  I’m gonna sow these some time next week and then I guess we’ll find out in 3-5 years what sort of results I get!


6 thoughts on “Amaryllis Seeds

  1. I actually knew what amaryllis seed looks like! Reminds me of being a little primary school kid and picking them out of the pods on my mother’s plants. I even sowed some one time (maybe more often), but they didn’t sprout. Of course, I wasn’t so diligent about watering then…

  2. Those look like viable seeds, but sometimes its hard to tell with all the breeding that goes into the parents. Then there is ploidity and whatnot. Anyways my method for starting them from seed, if you care, seems to work really well. I use window boxes because you can get three rows of seeds in them and you will need that for all them. I make up a good draining mix and put that on the bottom 3/4 of the pot then I use a nice vermiculite and perlite layer on the top quarter. Make nice little cuts in the soil with a knife or something and place the seeds standing up on end about a quarter inch apart. Squeeze the rows shut, lightly water and place some press and seal over the top and forget about them. They take a while to germinate, dont give up hope. If you dont have anything in a couple months, wait another month then give up. I have almost thrown viable seeds away because I didnt wait long enough. Anyways hope you have good results. Sorry this was long and if you didnt want it.

    • Thank you so much! This is actually really helpful, I was secretly hoping someone who’d done this before would have some input. I didn’t know they took a while to germinate so that is especially helpful…sometimes I can be a little impatient. Any idea how long they’re viable? If the seeds can be stored for a bit I might save them til it’s nicer out and try to do it outside in the sun and what not

  3. Their viability is variable but fresher is better. I have heard reports of year or two old seed germinating. But the percentage drops off pretty dramatically. I would say you should be good for a couple months in my experience.

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