Seed Starting!

I finally got around to getting my seeds started!  I’m only starting tomatoes (Japanese Black Trifle, Speckled Roman and Green Zebra) plus some Impatiens balsamina so good measure (why don’t more people grow I. balsamina, it’s such a great plant)!  I actually started them a few days ago, I’ve already got a few tomatoes sprouted and at least one impatiens.  I’m kind of hoping that all of the tomatoes don’t sprout because I don’t really NEED 18 plants (at least not of 3 varieties…I’d like a little variation in my tomatoing)but I suppose I can try to find some people to give them to (that should be hard with a community garden right?).  Oh and I decided to stick my yellow flowered African violet under there so I might remember to water it (and eventually get blooms again) so that explains that random plant.

And in case you’re wondering, yes the grow light is purple.  It’s an LED grow light my friend Coz got me for christmas/birthday a few years ago.  I love the light and wholeheartedly recommend LED lights for anyone looking for a grow light.  They never get hot and they’re wayyy cheaper than normal grow lights in terms of electricity.


And last but not least does anyone have any other tomato varieties that they think I *have* to grow?  I’m going to grow sungold if I can find a plant of it but I’m always looking for other suggestions!

14 thoughts on “Seed Starting!

  1. Sungold would have been my suggestion, but perhaps you’d be interested in tomato relatives? Litchi tomato (it’s thorny!), groundcherry (it’s delicious), or huckleberry!

    • That’s a pretty sweet deal. I’m kind of hoping my new job (at the botanic gardens eeeeeeeeeee) will have excess plants that they give away to employees (not that it solves my problem of having too many plants but…you know… yay plants?

  2. Tom! If you happen across any tomatoes by the name ‘Indigo Rose’ you have to get them! They are a brand new selection from Oregon State. The tomatoes have dark puple/black skin that is rich in anthocyanins (other “purple” tomatoes that are actually brown are that color because of a chlorophyll breakdown issue not because of extra healthy antioxidants). I know that they are selling starts around here so keep your eyes open :)

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