Early Spring

Spring is…springing extremely early this year.  The other day I saw snow drops, hellebores, chianodoxa, squill, tulips, hyacinth and daffodils all blooming together amongst blooming red buds and bradford pears.  I’m pretty sure this time last year I was flipping out with excitement because my hellebores were starting to bud up.  Go figure.    It looks like we’re about six weeks ahead of schedule right now which means that at this rate…nothing will be blooming in may.  Even my clematis have flower buds already!  My perennial hibiscus is already growing!  I usually don’t see new growth on those until may!  Anyways lets look at some pretty pictures of things starting to grow!

5 thoughts on “Early Spring

  1. The first flowers of spring are always the most beautiful!

    We’ve had a very early spring as well. Several warm sunny weeks (it’s cooler now), March isn’t even over and we’re already all out of pansies, violas, daisies and primroses – our customers are not happy!

  2. Nice shots! Tis been an exceptional start to spring over this way as well. Nice to see what things are looking like in other parts of the world. Let the gardening season begin! :)

    • Amen! I’ve already spent over $100 on plants…and it’s still march. This looks like it could be an expensive year…good thing I have a new job to cover it!

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