Back to Work We Go!

I’ve started back up at work which means my posting might be getting even more sporadic than normal.  But moving on to things that are more exciting than the knowledge that I’m back at work, let’s take a look at the Macy’s Flower Show at the Macy’s On State Street in downtown Chicago!  This year’s theme is “Brasil: Gardens in Paradise” which basically means big, bold tropicals.  Usually the Chicago show is a bunch of small displays around the first floor of the store however this year they had one large garden display on the 9th floor (much like the Macy’s in Minneapolis where the show is almost always done up in a single large garden instead of dozens of small ones).  The result was a much, much better show than last year.

You walk into the display and are greeted with this GIANT toucan made out of flowers and foliage!  For actually numbers and more info about the toucan you can see Mr. Brown Thumb’s review of the show.  I actually wasn’t even going to bother going to the show this year until I read his review and saw that it was so different from last year.

I'm a sucker for a well grown Agave


The show had the feel of a real flower show (which is a lot more than I can say about the Chicago Flower Show at Navy Pier, which always feels thrown together in a hurry.  You can tell this show took time to put together and a lot of thought went into it.  I think the stand outs for me were all the plants grown in antique bird cages.

I love the Tillandsia dyeriana grown with the ivy .  It really does make one think of a bird sticking its head out of a cage.  That and I just love any use of T. dyeriana in general so I was really happy to see it used quite a few times during the show.  I also thought the spider plant growing in the cage was pretty awesome.  Actually I just loved the extreme use of bromeliads in general.  They were EVERYWHERE and so so colorful!  The rest of the garden flowed along lines similar to the above pictures so I’ll spare you all 500 pictures of tropical plants and leave you with this parting shot.


Who can tell me what's wrong with this picture?

wait!  One last shot after that one!

I wonder if Picasso wanted people to skateboard on his sculpture? I would feel so awkward skateboarding (in general, let alone on a world famous piece of art).


6 thoughts on “Back to Work We Go!

  1. Huh. I wasn’t familiar with Tillandsia dyeriana, saw several in Iowa City on Friday, got excited about them, wrote a post to go up tomorrow with pictures of them — and then I see this and you’re already acquainted with it. I thought I had something new.


    • Awww sorry to burst your bubble! I had one for a while a few years ago. The greenhouse I worked at in the Twin Cities got in all sorts of really weird plants, otherwise I’d have never seen one until today. I’m willing to bet that 99% of your readers will be excited/unfamiliar with it tomorrow!

  2. I usually attend the Macy’s Flower Show in Minneapolis; hope I get a chance to go this week. Looks wonderful and it’s always a welcome burst of summer! Thx for the pics.
    Oh–so wrong skateboarding on that beautiful work of art. What is wrong with those young people??!!

  3. Yay for going back to work! Hope you’ll have as much fun as I do (most of the time… when I’m not accused of cheating customers, or encounter that weird stalkerish guy I’d almost forgotten about…)
    Anyway, the picture… well, it doesn’t look like the ‘Burle Marx’ I know…

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