Strange Local Customs…

Today I went downtown to see the fabled dying of the Chicago River.  I guess one of the local unions dyes the water bright green every St. Patrick’s Day.  If you want to read more about it, you can read what Green River Chicago has to say about it.  It’s kind of horrifying that at one point they used enough dye that it stayed green for an entire week but now it only lasts about half a day.

I will say, I wasn’t disappointed.  The river was a nice bright acid green and the weather was nothing short of amazing (sunny and 78 downtown in March?  I’ll take it!).


4 thoughts on “Strange Local Customs…

  1. (from the Green River Chicago link) This spectacular transformation ranks right up there with the parting of the sea by Moses and the Pyramids of Egypt.

    It sure is, buddy! Totally comparable. Hell, why stop there? It ranks right up there with the emergence of the first lifeforms on the planet, that’s how damn important it is!

    • I’m pretty sure the guy I saw fall in is going to end up as a new life form so I guess it does rank up there. Yeah…that website was more than a little hokey but it was the best I could find! I’m not sure dropping 40 pounds of food coloring into the river is a biblical event though.

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