Hippeastrum Crosses 2012

My collection of Hippeastrum from previous years are finally starting to bloom.  Actually only one of them is blooming right now.  I haven’t seen a bloom so this is still a big deal for me.  The plants name you might ask?  Hippeastrum ‘Gilmar’.  I got the bulb for a buck a few years ago after Christmas, got a bloom off it and then it just kind of never did anything (mostly because I never gave it enough light).  Well now it’s blooming for me!  I forgot how beautiful the flowers are.

I love how they’re red, white and green.  I’m not sure I’m familiar with another one that is so vibrantly colored.

So by now you’re probably (not) asking what did I cross this with if I have nothing else blooming?  Well I’ll tell you!  I saved some pollen from my H. ‘Red Pearl’ that bloomed earlier this winter.

I’m hoping I can get a seedling that has the same white and green but with a much darker red.  I’m not holding my breath for anything show stopping but if I don’t try I’ll never know!  I’ve got another plant getting ready to bloom, it’s unlabeled and I don’t remember what color it is but I’m sure I’ll save some pollen from this one and try and cross it with what ever my unknown one is.

On a slight aside, if you’re wondering how I saved the pollen I just picked a couple anthers and refrigerated them


4 thoughts on “Hippeastrum Crosses 2012

    • I’ve had that particular cutting for about 3 years now, it was an arm that was growing off the side of a plant at a stupid angle so we cut it off. I’d guess it was probably about 4-5 years old a the time. If they get enough sun they can be fairly rapid growers, mine put on about 4-5″ of growth last summer.

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