Welcome to the Jungle

I swear I’m not dead and my plants aren’t all dead!  I just really don’t have anything of note to post about.  It’s been super warm here (60º today!) and my daffodils are already starting to grow…I’m not really pleased about this though because I KNOW it’s going to get cold again and I really don’t want the flower buds to freeze off…we’ve still got 2 months of potential really cold ahead of us.

In houseplanty news I have gotten some cool new ones lately.

First up, and in my mind most exciting, we have Monstera deliciosa ‘Cheesecake’.  I was at Gethsemane Garden Center in Chicago and I spotted this guy on a table of assorted Philodendrons.   I’ve been wanting a variegated Monstera for yearsssssssssss so when I found one I knew it had to be mine.  It’s not the best looking one on the planet but it’s ALL MINE!  I’m going to put it up and get some sort of wood to let it climb on.  You guys have no idea how ridiculously excited about this plant I am.

Next up we have some sort of dwarf black leaved elephant ear.  It came from Lowes so naturally the label is wrong (It is clearly not Alocasia amazonica ‘Polly’).  I’m not AS insanely excited about this one but I’m still pretty thrilled with it.  I have a bright blue pot that I’m going to plant it in… I think it’ll look great (in a garish tacky sort of way).

And lastly we have Brighamia insignis, a rare member of the campanula family.  It’s not really the showiest plant ever but I’m still happy about it.  I do like that it’s rather caudescent and palmesque.  I love caudiciforms and palms.  I’m hoping I’ll be able to keep this one alive…it’s native to rocky areas in hawaii (actually it’s native to ONE rocky area on ONE island I think…at one point it was close to being lost forever because it’s pollinator went extinct but was saved by human intervention).  Seeds of it are available from time to time as are plants so naturally I had to snap up the first one I saw!

6 thoughts on “Welcome to the Jungle

    • I secretly love that croton. If I didn’t get the elephant ear for my pot that was what I was considering putting in it. I still might…you never know! My favorite croton is one called Mrs. Iceton. I wish they didn’t suck so much as houseplants because I really do like them.

    • Thanks! It is a completely adorable plant, part of me hopes it stays really small like this but part of me hopes it will grow to be a larger one (because how cool would 3′ leaves that color be?!).

  1. I have the same mis-labeled Alocasia ‘Poly’ from a Lowes in Georgia, so Exotic Angel Plants put the same wrong tag in all of them. I think it’s actually Philodendron ‘Black Cardinal.’ Google it and let me know what you think.

    • I’m 99% sure it’s an Alocasia/Colocasia (I can never tell the difference between the two though). My guess is that it’s some sort of miniature variety. The growing point just didn’t say philodendron to me (nor did how fast it went from looking really good to dying last week)!

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