Sorry for the horrible quality of the picture, but I took it on my phone at the mall.  I spent an eternity trying to figure out if the orchids in this planter were really really bad quality fakes or if they were once living plants that were rotting off.  The flowers on them looked real enough (I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of them but they didn’t look faded at all) but the leaves were yellow.  Not solid yellow but that uneven splotchy yelling of a rotting plant.  The rest of the plants in the container were real (for the most part).  I was hesitant to go feel up the plants but curiosity got the best of me.  Sure enough, they were fake plants which begs the question WHY DO THEY HAVE FAKE DYING PLANTS?!  They change out the living plants on a semi regular basis SO WHY NOT THESE?!  I can’t even tell if they’re faded or they started out yellow because they yellow on the top and bottom and all the ones in the mall are like this (which probably means they were yellow).  WHY WHY WHY?!


5 thoughts on “Really?

  1. In the photo the golden pothos looks like that it is real. It looks like that it is suffering though. I know for sure that the plants in the mall are not being properly cared for. It would be very odd to see a fake dying plant.

  2. It doesn’t even have flowers! I love it, I would have taken a cutting home with me. Other orchid news… 2 of my Phals and 1 of their pals (an oncidium type) are getting ready to bloom. A different one of my Phals also put off a Keiki on an old flower stalk and I am waiting for roots to develop. I read an article on pruning the flower stalks after flowering to promote baby development. The same article also mentioned dissecting large orchids to encouraging plantlet formation. Have you ever propagated any of your phalaenopsis?

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