New Year, New Growth, New Plants

Happy New Year kiddies (yes I realize most/all of you are probably older than me or at least the same age as me)!  I’ve returned from a trip back home to the tundra (that I probably never mentioned so I’m sure ya’ll are just assuming I’m a lazy ass…which is only partly true).

Doesn’t that look warm and cozy?  Yeah…that’s me standing on a foot of ice.  Turns out it’s still been cold in MN even if they haven’t had any snow.  I’ve never actually seen the lake freeze over without snow before.  It was actually kinda freaky, the ice was clear enough that you could see through it.  The lake is pretty clear so this means you could see pretty damn far down.  Ugh.  Now I remember why I hate lakes.

Anyways onwards and upwards to planty things!

Remember my dwarf amaryllis?  Well I now have a comparison picture so you can actually tell it’s a dwarf and not just me having giant hands!

On the left we have Red Pearl, a standard sized amaryllis (also possibly the prettiest one I’ve ever grown.  The pictures do it absolutely no justice.  The flowers are a rich velvety dark red with an almost iridescent sheen).  The one on the right is Neon Rose, the one I mentioned in the last Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day.  It has become quite apparent that Neon Rose truly is a mini.

In other news my Chicago Hardy fig has decided to be done with winter dormancy!  I’ve even got some baby figs already!  They’ll never survive to ripening (the apartment isn’t warm enough to ripen figs) but it’s still so exciting!  I think this makes me a giant nerd…BUT I’M SO EXCITED!!!

And last but not least I did stop by the old job while I was home and pick up a few new plants.  I got some sort of old-man cactus that I’m going to try and graft christmas cactus onto (cuz damnit I want to make a weeping christmas cactus standard), an Alluaudia procera and….

This sideways (because wordpress hates me and won’t let me rotate it) little gesneriaceous gem.  It’s name is Codonanthe gracilis.  The flowers almost look like tiny little foxglove flowers.  From my previous experience with xCodonanthus I’m guessing it’ll be an easy grower but I don’t really know much about it.  I’ve never encountered one for sale before so it’s new to me.  I hope I don’t kill it…


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