Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day December 2011

EDIT: For those of you clicking over from January’s GBBD site… I somehow added the wrong link (Don’t ask me how…)…the page you want is HERE

Not surprisingly I have nothing blooming outside…because it’s December…and this is Chicago…and December + Chicago generally does NOT equal outdoor blooms.  I do have a couple things blooming indoors though!

My Hippeastrum ‘Neon Rose’ is blooming.  It’s a mini amaryllis, as you can see by the picture comparing it to my hand.  A normal amaryllis, such as the typical ‘Red Lion’ would be closer to the size of my full hand, not just my palm.  Needless to say it’s a rather adorable little flower (and my first pink amaryllis ever… which isn’t really exciting or noteworthy but oh well).

Next up we have my chenille plant, Acalypha reptans:

I really don’t know why more people don’t grow this as a houseplant, it’s been super easy and the blooms last FOREVER.  The big long pendulous ones have been on there since I brought it in sometime in the middle/end of september and it keeps producing new blooms (the little small fuzzy ones).

Next up is an unidentified African violet

And that is it for things that are actively blooming.  I’ve got a few plants that are getting ready to bloom:

First up – Columnea ‘Light Prince’

Next up – Oxalis versicolor.  I’m pretty disapointed in this plant, I got the bulbs (tubers? rhizomes?) from a bulb catalog last fall hoping it’d look like all the pictures I’ve seen online…a nice compact plant with lots of little white flowers.  Well it turned out to be rank growing plant with very few flowers.  I’d guess it’s probably not getting enough light but I’m still kind of hesitant to think that because it’s growing on the same windowsill as a rose plant that throws out flowers from time to time and doesn’t have leggy growth at all (which seems to say that the window gets plenty of light…anyone who has tried to grow a rose indoors knows how demanding they are).  I guess I’ll keep it til summer, cut it back and see if I can at least get some nice summer growth.  If not, compost it is!  Does anyone have any experience with this plant?  Am I doing something wrong?

And finally we have one plant that just finished blooming:

My mini rose has finished another bloom, it looks like at least one more should be coming soon though!

As always check out May Dreams Gardens for more blogging about flowers!


16 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day December 2011

  1. I’m really good at killing house plants but I enjoy seeing them to be sure, and when I do I wonder why I don’t try again… Oh, I do have some. We have a cleaner (that will stop when I retire!) and every year she gives us orchids that are pretty bombproof – and I should have put them on my post but totally forgot! Well, January they’ll be blooming still I’m sure. I like your chenille plant – texture looks lovely, aptly named! Mini roses – forget it, I’ve never been able to keep one alive. Are they even meant to survive past their initial blooming period I wonder??

  2. Nice tour, thank you for the cacti id’s earlier, it will definitely point me in the right direction. I also love Acalypha reptans, I had one last year. Tried bringing it indoors last september but it petered out an died. Did not work as a houseplant in my place, but I’m glad to see you’ve carried it over. It has the strangest fuzzy flowers.

    • I think A. reptans likes a little bit higher humidity and I KNOW they hate drying out. I wasn’t even going to try overwinter this one but I just couldn’t pitch it at the end of the summer so into a hanger it went and now it’s doing just fine!

    • It’s funny, I feel like people are either houseplant people or outdoor people, never both. I personally am much more skilled with indoor plants than outdoor ones (that might have to do with living in a frigid tundra…)

  3. Hi i am new here, you seem very successful in blooming plants indoors. I bet that is not a common skill in your part of the world. We don’t do that here because ours are blooming all the time, winter is not a part of our consciousness. I don’t know if its luck or deprivation, but I think old people like my mother will not like the cold just like most of the plants.

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