Chicago Botanic Garden November 13th 2011

About a month ago I went to the Chicago Botanic Garden with a friend to see what it’s like in the late fall.  It was surprisingly pretty, a lot of trees still had color, some flowers will still blooming and best of all there were no other visitors!  Ok maybe not NONE but not many.  We encountered maybe 5 others?  Anyways… enjoy the pictures!


3 thoughts on “Chicago Botanic Garden November 13th 2011

  1. Oh, I’ve been there before (my uncle lives in Winnetka). So nice!

    Our botanical gardens here are such a disappointment. I walked around ours a couple of months ago with David (Desert Edge blogspot), who’s a landscape architect, and he pointed out all the ill-conceived plantings. It’s poorly planned because of political bs – none of the people in charge are plant people! Can you imagine?

    Anyway, suffice to say I’m jealous.

    • That’s too bad! St. Paul’s conservatory is like that…the new addition was built by a normal architect, not a greenhouse architect so large portions of it are functionally useless. Some rooms have vents only halfway up the THE WALLS (wouldn’t it make more sense to have vents in the ceiling…since heat goes up…) so plants only grow about as tall as the vents and then fry out during the summer…the bonsai room has no vents at all, the fern room doesn’t have enough shading and they can’t just put white-wash (solar panels cover the top) and they can’t put cloth up (the room is cooled by foggers which are located in the ceiling which is another problem in and of itself…). Why can’t they just trust plant people with plants?!

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