Christkindlmarket – Chicago

Today Michael and I went downtown with some friends to the Christkindlmarket on Daley Plaza.  Sure, it is completely unhorticulturally relevant but this is my blog so you’re gonna sit through pictures of German-American fun dammit.  Chicago (and the midwest in general) has a large population of people of German descent so it’s rather fitting that this takes place here.  The market mostly revolves around Christmas ornaments and food.  On this particular trip we just had potato pancakes but they also have about a dozen German beers, Gluhwein, assorted sausages, strudels, and a whole shop full of imported German candies.  Next time I go I kind of want to try the currywurst…but who knows if I ever actually will.  I’m probably just get some schnitzel and be happy with that.  I also got a little mushroom ornament (supposedly they’re a symbol of good luck in Bavaria but I’ve never found anything to back up that claim, so I’m just going to stick with me finding them kind of adorable (and no I’m not even someone who takes hallucinogenic mushrooms), and a little hand painted glass ornament with a market scene painted on it.  You know what the best part might have been?  Not a SINGLE poinsettia in sight!  Ok the potato pancakes were the best part but the lack of poinsettias was refreshing too.


7 thoughts on “Christkindlmarket – Chicago

  1. It’s always odd to see a German word in an English text – I’ve gotten used to some, but seeing “Christkindl” here is odd again. ;) Maybe because it’s such a typically Austrian/Bavarian word that I don’t even expect to see it in Standard German texts.
    I associate the mushrooms more with New Year, not with Christmas, but it’s true they’re a symbol for good luck (which doesn’t make that much sense, since it’s a fly agaric, which is poisonous…)

    • Oh well, my tree stays up through the new year anyways so they’re gonna stay! Plus I find the mushrooms kind of adorable… I didn’t realize that it’s more of an Austrian/Bavarian thing, does it just go by a different name elsewhere or do they just not do them? I seem to remember going to one when we lived near Kaiserslautern

  2. It’s just the word – I think further north, they’d call them a “Weihnachtsmarkt”. (Not that I know, I only travel north in summer.) The Christkind (Christ child) is already more a southern thing, and the “-l” ending as a diminutive is also very Austrian.

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