More Model Building Fun!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about the wonderful world of model building.  I’ve done at least one building since then (probably a couple) but since I only remember not posting about this one, this is the one that shall be posted about!

My unnamed model town’s unnamed (and non-existent) central park now has a snack shack!  It’s hard to tell but it’s actually dark green not black.  Not really much else to say about it other than the decals it came with sucked (the picture showed some cool vintage pepsi banners…instead I got cheesy pizza & soda ones) :(   But I guess it doesn’t really matter.  I can always try to find better ones at some point in my life, ya?  Come to think of it I have at least one more, probably two that I haven’t posted about … since this post is so short I guess I’ll see if I can find them and show them too!  And yes I do realize it is completely pointless for me to write that I’m going to look for a picture (because how on Earth would you know I took a 5 minute break from writing this to scour my hard drive for a picture?).  Anyways, I found a picture of one of the other ones (before I finished the final touch ups) but you get the general idea.


So ya, here it is.  Lovely, no?  It’s a little too clean and harsh looking so I’m trying to find a way to make it look aged but everything I tried just looked fake and I can’t stand for that!  So for now it’s just going to be far too clean and shiny.

Anyone have any suggestions for town names?  I’m thinking something with a bit of botanical relevance such as Beech Grove or Pine Hill (of course then I’ll have to try and incorporate a hill into the town when/if I ever get around to actually making a model set up).  Actually I’m really leaning towards Beech Grove but I think that’s a real place in Illinois where they do railroad repair work.  Scratch that, I don’t want it to be named after a town  where they do railroad work in the real world.  Back to the drawing board I guess!


2 thoughts on “More Model Building Fun!

  1. There was a Beech Grove in Indiana near where I grew up. How about Peach Grove?

    I think building models is a wonderfully creative outlet. I bet you get totally absorbed in it and the rest of the world falls away, right? So awesome.

    • Beech Grove, IN is apparently the one I was thinking of! I just looked it up after you said that and it turns out the large amtrak shops are in Indiana. I just love the name though! Now I’m kind of leaning towards something with the name “moor” in the name. Moors just conjure up such primordial and lush images that I love in my mind that I think it needs to be part of my name.

      Building the models IS totally absorbing. I’ve accidentally spent 2 hours painting on one when I meant to only work on one set of windows. I love it so much!

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