Starting Smilax Seeds Pt 1

This fall I decided to try starting Smilax lasioneura seeds.  For those of you unfamiliar with the plant this is a pretty good picture of its ornamental qualities.  It’s a short vine with a thick stem and spherical clusters of green flowers in the late spring.  A common name for it is carrion flower but I’ve never been able to smell anything from it.  It’s a native vine that grows in woodlands and dune areas.  I’ve seen it growing in the wild and it looks so cool covered in clusters of black berries.


So what am I doing with the seeds I obtained?  First I washed all the fruit off of them (many times fruit will contain chemicals/enzymes that inhibit seed germination (because it really wouldn’t be helpful to have the seeds growing inside the fruit while it’s still up in the tree, would it?).

They’re pretty generic seeds with one exception.  They’re a really pretty translucent red that doesn’t seem to photograph well.  I guess I could probably use more light in my kitchen… ANYWAYS, after I cleaned them up I simply put them in a plastic bag with moist sphagnum moss, labeled it, put the date on it and put it in the crisper.  Part 2 of this post will be in about 3 months when I take the seeds out and try to start them!


4 thoughts on “Starting Smilax Seeds Pt 1

    • I’m having such anxiety over the appearance of my blog…the last one just seemed too dark. Plus I couldn’t get rid of the odd little flowers that appeared next to the title and didn’t really match the rest of the theme. Plus I missed having a header image. Thanks again for noticing!

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