New(ish) plants!

I haven’t updated much about new plants, have I?  Well, since I got the day off work due to a lack of things to do, I’m going to post about them!  Not too much though because I don’t really want to yammer on and on about some plants that most people will probably not give a hoot about.  It would have taken me an annoyingly long time to take actual good pictures of each plant so I just did a few group shots.  Here they are!

My newest orchids (actually my newest one was mentioned in the last post but since I already posted about it it doesn’t deserve to be here).  From left to right: Dendrobium aggregatum var. majus, Brassavola of some sort, and Vanilla (tag says planifolia, leaves seem to small to me but what do I know?)

Next up we have Schlumbergera x buckleyi, Dracaena draco (a plant I’ve been oddly obsessed with for years, tried to grow from seed dozens of dimes and then finally found one for $.50 at Lowes this summer), and Cissus quadrangularis (another plant I’m oddly obsessed with).

Chlorophytum ‘Fire Flash’/’Mandarin/Whatever the hell else you want to call it, Fortunella sp. (Kumquat), and Metrosideros ‘Red and Gold’ (Variegated New Zealand Christmas Tree/ Pohutukawa), a plant I’ve wanted quite horribly ever since seeing it in New Zealand


And last but not least we have Pseudoeranthemum ‘Purple Perfection, Achimenes ‘Yellow Beauty’, Rosa idon’tknowwhatvarietiesbutthey’reyellowandyellowwithorangeedges, and Selenicereus chrysocardium


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