Yet Another Belated Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Sorry this is late kiddies.  My parents were in town visiting and I felt it was much more important to do things like go to the Art Institute of Chicago and the Chicago Botanic Garden than it was to update the world on my 3 flowering houseplants.  Anyways yeah…october isn’t exactly the highpoint of houseplant blooming season (is there actually a houseplant blooming season? I think most people want them to bloom in winter…so I’m going to say that is it).  At the moment I have some scattered blooms on my Begonia partita


A whole mess of blooms on my Acalypha reptans (this thing has continued to bloom like crazy even though I brought it in a month or so ago.  Me thinks it might be a better houseplant than it’s given credit for).

And last but note least my Achimines ‘Yellow Beauty’ FINALLY decided to start blooming (after spending 3 months as dormant rhizomes sitting in soil…then spending 2 months barely growing).  They’re a relative of African Violets (but culturally more similar to Smithiana in that they go dormant for the winter so people usually think they’re dead and throw them away).


I do have one more blooming plant but I really can’t take credit for it.  I was at the Chicago Botanic Gardens with my mom and it happened to be the Illinois Orchid Society’s annual show and sale.  My mom bought me this lovely little Habenaria rhodocheila.  I love love LOVE the color and the fact that the flowers look like creatures from one of my favorite Anime movies, Nausicaa of the Valley Of the Wind (which is actually a really great movie if you haven’t seen it).  I seem to have thing for orange bird-like orchids because Epidendrum are my favorite orchid and most of those have a very bird-like look to them.  I also seem to have a thing for plants that go completely dormant for a season because these guys grow from a tuber and disappear for most of the winter (just like my Achimenes mentionted above, my amaryllis, crinum, and sort of like my Albuca [which go summer dormant]).


And if you want to see more flowers head over to May Dreams Gardens for more!


5 thoughts on “Yet Another Belated Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

  1. That’s a cool-looking orchid!

    And funny that you mention Begonia partita – guess what I saw for the first time yesterday? I bumped into a friend at the garden centre, and she was looking at bonsais, so I looked too, and I was like, “what the heck, is that a begonia? As a bonsai?!”

    • What a coincidence! It’s a great little plant, I’ve had it for two years now and it’s ALWAYS in bloom (unless I move it away from my east window for more than 2 weeks which has only happened once). If you ever stumble across a cheap one (and by some odd act of god have space for it?!) I wholly recommend it!

  2. If there has to be space, there will be space! But I’ve only seen the bonsais, which of course aren’t cheap. *sigh*
    Maybe if something celebration-worthy happens… hm… like winning NaNoWriMo this year? Sounds like a plan.

  3. I probably wouldn’t continue growing it as a bonsai – don’t have the patience for it anyway.

    This will definitely be my hardest NaNo year yet – first time living on my own, first time working during November.

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