Indiana Dunes

Michael and I took a trip to the Indiana Dunes National Lake Shore today for some fall leaf viewing.  Unfortunately there weren’t a ton of fall color picture taking opportunities (not for a lack of foliage but more so due to a lack of places to pull off the highway and take pictures) so I mostly just have pictures from the top of Mt. Baldy (a large sand dune) and a few from the beach/walking through the woods.  Enjoy!

First and foremost the honeylocust at the train station are coloring up so beautifully right now! I kind of just want to stand and stare at them all day.  Ok onwards and upwards with our trip!

The colors were so much richer in person.  The forest was mostly sassafrass so it was a riot of reds and oranges.

The Florida Tropical House from the 1933 Century of Progress World’s Fair in Chicago.  This (and 4 other houses) were floated on barges down Lake Michigan and parked in Beverly Shores.  They were all in horrible states of disrepair up until a few years ago but now they’re all undergoing renovation and actually have a chance at surviving a few dozen more brutal northern Indiana winters.

The lake front

The back side of Mt. Baldy

There was wild Hamemalis virginiana EVERYWHERE and it was in full bloom so the woods had a fantastic spicy scent.  Look, I can include a plant in this post so that it’s almost relevant to my blog theme!

Almost to the top of Mt. Baldy!  The last few feet were a pain in the butt because it was almost straight up.

The view from the top of Mt. Baldy

The view of Mt. Baldy, you can really see why it’s called Mt. Baldy now.  You can also see why the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore is not a major tourist destination for people outside of chicagoland (isn’t that power plant beautiful?).  It’s really a pretty place but it’s surrounded on pretty much all sides by some of the most disgusting power plants and steel mills.

Some sad lonely trees on the top of the dune


Skyline from the south side

Some assorted highrise apartments in downtown


3 thoughts on “Indiana Dunes

    • I’m glad you enjoyed them. I love the dunes, they’re probably my favorite thing in the area. Actually they’re the first thing I think of when I think of Indiana (but that’s probably because I haven’t seen anything else of Indiana). I personally prefer the Warren Dunes in Michigan because they’re less busy, but the Indiana ones are pretty great too.

      • I think most people think of corn when they think of Indiana, so dunes are an improvement on that! You guys should visit Indianapolis sometime, it’s a great city. Not Chicago great, but pretty cool nonetheless.

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