A lot of houseplants prefer slightly less attention than people want to give them.  This shouldn’t be taken TOO far though. It’s probably not the best idea to leave a Phalenopsis orchid sitting on your kitchen table in a dish full of water for 8 or 9 months.  If you’re going to do this at least pay attention to it beyond just adding more water when it dries out.  Turns out my poor orchid had a massive scale infestation.  How did I find this out?  I tried to move the dish to put down a table cloth.  The dish was basically glued to the table.  Oops.  Wanna see how bad it got?

This is why you should pick up your plants and look at them from time to time.  There is absolutely no excuse for a scale infestation this bad.  Good thing this was sitting in the kitchen and not anywhere any other plants might be.  I guess I’ll have to keep an eye on this one for a while now.  Lord knows I don’t want to deal with this again.  On the plus side it finally gave me a good reason to get it out of the dish of water and pot it up.


6 thoughts on “Oops…

  1. Sometimes even when you do pick them up and look at them regularly, you miss things. I found an advanced scale infestation on an orchid I’d had for five months, and I pick all my plants up and take them to the watering station in the plant room, every time I water.

    If that makes you feel any better.

    Which I realize it may not.

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