New Resident

The jungle has a new resident.  Michael and I were at Petco getting bedding for Fred, the guinea pig and of course I had to go wander over and look at the betta selection.  And of course one of them ended up coming home with us.  Good thing I had a spare betta tank laying around (seriously… I got Melvin, my other betta a new tank a few months ago because the old one was awkwardly shaped and never got around to throwing this one out.  Turns out this one fits perfectly where I wanted it so good thing I’m lazy!).  So without further ado, Irving the betta!

Melvin is in my bedroom and Irving is in the living room so they’ll never actually see each other (and have hissy fits at each other).  So now I’m up to 3 aquariums AND a guinea pig.  In an apartment that doesn’t allow pets.  ::sigh::  Good thing the building manager doesn’t actually care.

3 thoughts on “New Resident

  1. I use to collect betas! My senior year of high school I did a research project where I was looking at bubble nest size in relationship to barometric pressure :)

    My Michael and I recently got a replacement female guppy to go in our little tank, and we also got a shrimp. I couldn’t help myself when I saw them. Hopefully it will help keep the algae cleaned up.

    • While I WOULD be able to resist a female guppy I’m not sure I could resist a little shrimp. Is it a red crystal shrimp? I’ve always wanted to try one of those but I don’t really have enough algae in my tank to justify it (and I really don’t need ANOTHER kind of food to feed). As for collecting bettas, if I had enough space I think I’d have about 40 tanks with beta in them. Someone needs to breed peaceful betta so they can be kept together! Can you imagine a tank with like 10 blood red betta?

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