Houseplant Move In 2011

The jungle has returned!  I finished moving all my houseplants inside for the winter!  It only took two weeks of slowly dragging everything upstairs and even more slowly finding a spot for everything to be tucked into.  So far only one plant is whining horribly (Ruttya fruticosa) and I’m not at all shocked about that.  I’m betting it’ll leaf out again in a few weeks.  Anyways, here is a shot of my bedroom now that the 16″ bamboo (that stands about 8′ tall), 20″ epipihyllum (that’s about 36″ wide from end to end), 4′ tall Iochroma, and a smattering of other smaller plants, are crammed into it.

The jungle has also overwhelmed the front window.  Its 12′ across and faces east so it’s generally a great spot for my plants.  As you can see I’ve got one or two plants in front of it… I’m hoping some of them will go dormant so I can move them to the basement and let a little more air circulate.


My passion vine doesn’t completely hate life yet…it had two blooms open today!  I think the rest are going to abort but at least these ones were far enough along for me to enjoy!  And on a side note, you guys should go vote for your favorite houseplants at Plants Are The Strangest People


9 thoughts on “Houseplant Move In 2011

  1. Thanks for the link.

    I’d always heard that bamboo was super-prone to spider mites indoors. (Though I don’t know what species of bamboo was being referred to.) Doesn’t look like that’s true from your picture, though.

    • Well…I’ve had the plant outside all summer so I kind of cheated. I’m really afraid of spidermites so I doused it twice with a spray that was basically canola oil and a surfactant. I’m hoping it at least keeps them at bay for a while… I just know I’m going to wake up one day and suddenly the entire plant will be in webbing and I’ll have to call in sick at work because if one of my plants is that sick it’s basically the same thing as me being sick, right?

  2. I’m so dreading that move myself – mostly because every damn thing out there has spider mites, so I’ll have to spray right away, and I so don’t want to.
    As for calling in sick, here we can get nursing leave if a family member is sick – do you think my boss would let a plant count?

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